“it doesn’t mean he’s not worth saving
he’s got nobody
if we can save him, we should try.”

- aka how Scott’s believed this (despite Jackson’s constant sabotage, blackmail, ingratitude and betrayal) since the beginning.

Jackson and Stiles


"I have a tail? Does it do anything?"
"No, not that i know of."

favorite jackson/danny moments in no particular order
1x08 — “lunatic.”

Teen Wolf 15 day challenge

Day 3: A picture of your favourite scene

[Ok this isn’t just a photo it’s a PHOTO…set but still. This isn’t the most significant scene of the show or anything but it’s one of my favourites. I like the fact that Jackson watches these two doing something seemingly ridiculous with that smile on his face. When he knows there is no one around he drops the tough guy routine, and i could easily picture him being closer friends with everyone. ]

Teen Wolf 15 day challenge

Day 1-Favourite character ~ Jackson Whittemore

[I surprised myself with my choice as well! I think Colton’s acting played a big part on me liking Jackson. And you gotta love the ~tormented guy ;P ]

Derek and Jackson.